Packing the perfect beach bag is a skill. When you spend the day at the beach, packing is a balance between not packing enough and packing too much. With a bit of practice and prioritization, you’ll have the perfect system to back for the beach! Consider these beach bag essentials first and then pack more if you have the space!

There are always obvious things that you should carry in your beach bag. You’ll need the basics, like sunscreen and a towel, but the things you haven’t thought about might actually surprise you in their usefulness. Check out the this list of 15+ beach bag essentials that will change your life! A single night getaway or a week long vacation in paradise, you’ll want to make sure you have these items on hand.


My favorite beach bags for beach outings when I travel are Scout bags because they fold up flat on the bottom of a suitcase. They are also waterproof and clean very easily. You can take a Clorox wipe (because Covid…) and wipe that sucker down! I almost always make sure to pack a wet dry bag when I travel. We tend to have wet bathing suits when packing to go home and we can just throw them in here and into the suitcase.

Generally speaking, we tend to relax more than swim, so I am not afraid to bring my compact camera and other more valuable items with me.



Beach bags are pretty essential for your day at the beach, am I right?


This one might seem obvious but here’s the thing…you can’t be too careful with these packing lists! Make sure if you are going to over pack your beach bag you take along some extra sunscreen. Take a few options. I like to have one for my face, lip balm with SPF, and an easy spray option for reapplying even when I’m sandy.


When you are deciding what to pack for the beach, you might be tempted to omit drinks from your beach bag but don’t! You need to stay hydrated. Even on days when you think it’s not overly hot or // short trips, the sun will still be leeching precious moisture from your skin. Staying hydrated is essential. Even lukewarm water is going to taste pretty good when you are baking in the sun all day. If you don’t pack a cooler along with your beach bag, be sure to take some water or hydrating beverages in your regular bag. A water bottle, like a Yeti or a Hyrdroflask, will also keep your beverage super cold throughout the day! IMO, they are definitely worth the mulah!


You’ll be making memories, there’s no doubt about that. Instead of being tied to your phone or taking the risk of getting it full of water and sand, just grab a camera! You can go with an instant version for some throwback charm or take a regular point and shoot camera to capture some unforgettable moments. Either way you’ll want something cute and travel worthy to go along with your list for what to pack for the beach.


Those beautiful sandals that you are loving this season? They’re probably not your best bet for the beach bag. Sure, they’re cute and all but they aren’t going to do you much good against the scorching sand and salty water along the shore. Grab a pair of flip flops or water shoes to keep your feet protected and happy while you are soaking up the rays.


Beach towels have been a staple in every beach bag EVER. The good news is that when you are deciding what to pack for the beach you have some stylish and light options now! The future is here. there are classy beach towel options that don’t look like they came straight from your 90’s nightmares.


You can’t exactly pack a beach bag without the ideal beach tote. It needs to be cute, of course, but also needs to have plenty of room for all of your beach bag essentials. Before you can decide what to pack for the beach, you’ll need to have the ideal beach bag to put it all in!


This item doesn’t necessarily need to be packed in your beach bag. Instead, you should wear a great buy to keep the sun off your face and shoulders while enjoying the beach. There are some adorable and effective options and it can really help with the squinting face too! A floppy hat that provides lots of coverage or a baseball cap are both great options!


If you plan to stray from the sandy shore at any point during your beach visit, you might want to pack a swimsuit cover-up. With a cute cover-up, you’ll be able to head into restaurants, stores, and more without feeling self conscious or breaking any rules about shirts, shoes, etc. Check them out and find a totally packable, comfortable cover-up for all of your travel needs!


Ideally, you will want some sunglasses that are dark enough to protect your eyes from the harsh reflections off the water. The sun near the shore is always just a little more aggressive so make sure you protect your eyes, you only get one set after all!


Even if you don’t plan to get in the water, no list of what to pack for the beach would be complete without swimwear. You should be prepared with something adorable just in case you want to do some swimming! If you don’t plan to swim, the options are even more plentiful because you focus strictly on style and ignore the usefulness aspect!


Some hair bands can double as an adorable bracelet! You will need something to manage those unruly hair moments when the wind kicks up or you want to read without your hair bothering you. The best part is that you won’t have to worry because adding these to your list of what to pack for the beach doesn’t add any bulk or weight to your beach bag.

1 // Scout Beach Bag 2 // Rainbow Flip Flops 3 // Turkish Beach Towel 4 // Instax Mini Camera & Film 5 // Beach Coverup 6 // Sun Bum Sunscreen 7 // Straw Hat 8 // Canvas Beach Bag 9 // Silicone Rings 10 // Speaker 11 // Yeti Cooler & Cup 12 // Hydroflask 13 // Sunglasses & Croakies 14 // Hair Ties 15 // Beach Cart 16 // Swimwear 17 // Koozie


We all need a few new clothes, am I right? Below, I have listed a few of my go-to outfits and accessories for the beach or lake days for when you are planning a night out on the town.

1 // Casual Tunic Dress 2 // Chacos Wayfarer Sandals 3 // Essie Nail Polish 4 // Ratan Earrings 5 // Blue Jean Shorts 6 // Off-Shoulder Shirt 7 // Straw Handbag 8 // Wedges

What are some of your favorite beach (or lake) day essentials, both for hours at the beach and nights out on the town? Let’s chat in the comments below!




Like most people over quarantine, I developed a never-ending caffeine addiction. Along with my new found caffeine addiction, I became very fond of both Starbucks coffee and often caught myself parked in the drive-thru without realizing it. Who else has been there?! No shame!

With that being said, getting coffee out two or even three times a week can quickly add up and can drain your bank account in the blink of an eye. As my husband and I went into the month of March, we wanted to see it as a way to be disciplined and to save money with the intent of setting it aside for other expenses and savings.

However, this girl still needs her fuel. With all things else aside, I found that you can save major moolah with making your coffee at home. In this blog, I delve into what are some of why favorite coffee machines, mugs and accessories are.


There are many options in how you brew your coffee at home. Who knew?! With that being said, I personally use a Keurig that my parents recently gifted my husband and I. It is simple to use and you can make just about anything. You can buy pods by the bulk at your local Target, Walmart or supermarket store.

If you are feeling bold, however, try out some of the products I have linked below. The French Press, Pour Over and Cappuccino machines are all great ways to achieve the same end goal.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4


We all need some accessories to keep our lives a little more organized. With the Keurig, keeping pods together can also be quite a challenge. There are tabletop and more of a pantry-style option and //. I’ve also found out that you can buy Starbucks syrups and other sweeteners online. How cool?! There are also milk frothers and coffee bean grinders that make great additions to have in your arsenal.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7


Mugs are an important part of drinking coffee, am I right? hehe I’ve listed some of my favorite coffee mugs below! All are great options and all keep your coffee hot or cold, depending on your preference. Some are for more travel and on-the-go purposes with lids and others are for the leisurely enjoyment at home. Pick a mug, or three, that suits your style and get to sipping some of that homemade coffee.

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

What are some of your favorite at-home coffee recipes, both hot and iced? I would love to hear from you in the comments below! Until next time!


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Finding the perfect gift for the men in your life isn’t easy. Before settling for yet another boring gift (cue the ties), take some time to really think about what the guy you’re shopping for would love to unwrap. This list of gifts for men, which is full of thoughtful ideas to match any budget, takes care of any guy on your shopping list — grandpa, dad, son, husband, boyfriend, brother, friend and so on. 

While you can’t go wrong with classic options (a trusty pair of socks), these unique gift ideas range from personalized picks to Amazon’s best-selling finds (freezable beer glasses).


For those men in your life who have facial hair, I would highly recommend looking into purchasing a beard kit. Included in the beard kits are shampoo, balm, oil, comb, boars hair brush, stainless steel scissors and storage bag. A clean beard is a happy beard!


For those beer drinkers in your life, what could be better than a beer bottle map? I got Chandler this a few years ago and he loved it! There are also state options as well, which gives you plenty of options to fit the beer caps. With the map of the USA, it would be great for that special someone who travels and checks off breweries as they go. If your spouse is more of a wine connoisseur, there are also wine cork options as well.


My dad is a huge guru when it comes fountain pens. Pens can be more of a personal /, but surprise that special man in your life with a fountain pen. They glide across the page with no effort at all!


Swap out his dingy high school cap for this vintage-inspired option that looks more sophisticated without sacrificing comfort. Carharts offer plenty of styles and colors that offers you plenty of options when picking out one for that man in your life.


How can you go wrong with socks? My husband personally LOVES Happy Socks, so pick out a customized pair or look out into getting a box that have three + pairs. Look for one with patterns, solids or some of both.


His nightcap will survive his next camping trip thanks to this insulated cup. He can also use it in the morning to guarantee a warm cup of coffee, even if it’s freezing outside.

Both Yetis and Hydroflasks are great options in keeping water cold and coffee hot. I, personally, have both and love them equally. They both offer plenty of color and size options for that special person in your life. Get to shopping to find that perfect cup!

What have been some of your favorite gifts to give your spouse, boyfriend or brothers for friends? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Shopping!