30 Days of Thanksgiving

It’s officially turkey month, folks!

As a month that is about thanks, hence the name, I felt led to write about a different thing, person, place, etc. that I am thankful for for each day of the month. Some blogs might be shorter or longer, in nature, but we are rolling with it.

For the first day of Thanksgiving blog series , I am thankful for change. Why am I thankful for such a thing, you might ask?

Anyone who has known me for any amount of time could tell you that I am one that despises change. As a Type A, slight OCD person, routine is very comforting. Having things color-coded, alphabetized and in order makes my soul sing to new heights.

If 2020 has taught me anything, however, it is how much change is inevitable. Change is good, although sometimes very uncomfortable. Things are always evolving, so we have to learn that you are either stuck in a complacency or learn to embrace the unknown.

Don’t get me wrong in the fact that some things are not meant to change, like laws and biblical truth. There are certain things that must remain constant for some kind of order among the crazy in the world. These allow us to know what is expected of us and for us to live with order.

In the first ten months of 2020 alone, I have seen:
• A move to Asheville, NC
• New jobs for my husband and I
• A new 2020 Honda CR-V
• Our 1 Year Anniversary of being married (Aug. 3)
• Adopting our kitten, Belmont
• Surviving life during a pandemic
• The biggest Presidential election known to date

Although life is hard and living through a pandemic was not what we had envisioned for this year, it has brought so much growth. With that being said, I have come to understand that so much of life is out of my control. What I can control are my reactions and my emotions. My attitude will take me farther than anything that happens to me.

I pray that in every evolving season and in with every unknown, we remain confident in His truth and know that He is good. He will sustain us when we are weak. Rest in the fact that he knows our future.

There is beauty in the unknown. We can know that God is our constant through it all.

QOTD: What are you thankful for you today?

Top Self-Care Practices

If 2020 has taught me anything, it has been that self care is so important.

As March hit and life as we knew it was flipped on its head, people went into survival mode, more or less. Life was about adapting to the current situation at hand and learning to stay afloat. Jobs could no longer support all employees, schools quickly transitioned to hybrid learning and masks quickly became a new essential. With that being said, I have to come to realize that self care is a priority. You are your own advocate and

Know that taking of yourself is not selfish. It is important for your personal, physical, spiritual and mental health. For those of you who think like me, we are always aiming to help others and put ourselves on the back burner.

Below, I’ve listed some of the basic self-care needs that came to my mind when I am in need of “me time.”

  1. Journal your current thoughts and feelings.
  2. Spend time reading a book or magazine.
  3. Read a new passage of scripture and bible journal. So therapeutic, y’all!
  4. Freshen up by washing your face, brushing your teeth or brushing your hair.
  5. Go outside for a 10 minute walk.
  6. Put on one of your favorite songs.
  7. Text a friend and check in. Also pray for any needs to be met.
  8. Write a list of things you want to plan.
  9. Make yourself the perfect cup of tea or coffee.
  10. Treat yourself to a cake or a sweet treat.
  11. Snuggle with a pet or a friends’.
  12. Clip and paint your nails.
  13. Drink a glass of water.
  14. Watch a video from your favorite YouTuber.
  15. Listen to a new podcast.
  16. Treat yourself to something online.
  17. Read a blog post from your favorite blogger.
  18. Create a vision board on Pinterest.
  19. Clean and/or organize something.
  20. Write a list of things you’re grateful for.
  21. Hug someone.
  22. Delete any Facebook friends you no longer speak to.
  23. Make your bed. This one has become a new habit for me.
  24. Book an appointment you’ve been putting off.
  25. Try a new hobby.
  26. Volunteer somewhere new in your city.

What are some of your favorite self care practices?
+ Some of mine include taking a bath, reading a book or blogging with a coffee often nearby. On my days off, I’ll take a nap and that does wonders. These often help to renew my soul and fills my cup.

Above all else, be kind. Be kind to yourself and be kind to your neighbors. Be cognizant of the changes happening in the world and be aware of what is going on around you. We are all in this together and are doing our best to stay afloat. Everyday is a new start and a new look on life. Know that you are loved and there is only one of you on this planet for a reason!

Don’t be afraid to reach out with any thoughts, questions or concerns! I’d love to hear from you!

My cup overflows, Alex in Asheville