Have you been to the store and seen the HUNDREDS of candy heart boxes and decorations lining the shelves? Yeah, so have I… Valentine’s Day is less than a month out and Cupid is making his way on February 14th whether we like it or not. Planning something on this day of love can be really a hassle, especially since this holiday can be overplayed and can very much be a “Single Awareness Day.” With that being said, it is what you make it.

Below, I will delve into what will make for an enjoyable Valentine’s Day for you and your partner or your group of friends. Make it what you will and enjoy yourselves.



Baking is always a fun and easy, yet simple way to have a relaxing night in. Make treats for friends, coworkers or church friends and see their eyes instantly light up. We all know how much homemade treats can go a long way. If going out to eat isn’t necessarily your thing, look up new recipes on Pinterest and also try out something you’ve both been wanting to try.


Anything that involves arts and crafts is an automatic “go” for me. Find something that is simple and something both of you will enjoy. Things such as stringed canvas art or making homemade cards are both great options.


My husband is very much a “game” person. Card games and board games alike are a great way to put the phone down and have time set aside for each other. Pick a ole’ faithful or find a game you’ve both been wanting to try out. Valentine’s Day trivia is another fun, inexpensive way to have a friendly competition.

Movie nights in are another inexpensive way to have a night together without dealing the bank. Rent a movie on Redbox or on Netflix and have the snacks ready to enjoy!


Instead of making a typical scrapbook, consider taking items that mean the most to you as a couple and putting them in a time capsule.

You can bury the time capsule and dig it up years later when you are are further along in your relationship. Put in letters to each other, pictures or other little gifts and make sure to remember where you put it. Set a time frame, like a year or five years and have an unveiling party.


If you are like my husband and I, we both enjoy visiting new towns and seeing new places. Pick a place, near or far, and plan for a weekend away. Discuss the logistics of your overall budget, how you will get there and sites you want to visit. We just got back from a weekend in Dahlonega, GA and had the time of our lives. A weekend away with your significant other or with a group of friends creates memories that last a lifetime.



If you are wanting to try this option, make sure to make reservations far enough out in advance. We all know how quickly restaurants can fill up and how long the wait times can be. For Valentine’s Day last year, Chandler and I had just moved to the Asheville area and we did a progressive dinner the weekend after Valentines Day. Restaurants weren’t as crowded and we enjoyed doing drinks and apps at a local brewery, a small entree at a Cuban restaurant and dessert at bakery.


Most places have a local river that has a nice dock area that you can sit and just watch the water while you enjoy a hot coffee and good conversation.

If you have this in your area, take advantage of this date because not only is it inexpensive, but it is a great way merely to spend time with someone you care about. In Asheville, we have the French Broad River, which is a beautiful, breathtaking view that is perfect for sitting and enjoying each other’s company.


Why not get dressed up and have a photoshoot? Now is a better time than ever! I know lots of local photographers are doing cute “Valentine’s Day” sessions. I know from personal experience how I wish I had more professional pictures of my husband and I, so sign up for a shoot and go for it.

What are some of your favorite Valentine’s Day ideas? Let’s chat in the comments!


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Love is not canceled.

Sunshine is not canceled.

Relationships are not canceled.

Reading is not canceled.

Naps are not canceled.

Hope is not canceled.

Coffee is not canceled and thank the Lord for that.

Kindness is not canceled.

Imagination is not canceled.

Going for a walk is not canceled.

Laughter is not canceled.

Family is not canceled.

Above all else, salvation is not canceled.

A lot of things in 2020 have been canceled and we all can feel the weight of life, especially this year. Remember that joy and hope can’t be taken away, no matter the circumstance. Life is too short to worry about things out of our control. Do your best and give every day all you have. Be kind to yourself and your neighbor.

Let’s not aim to be perfect in 2021, but to be available. Be intentional. Really aim to actively hear what those around you are saying rather than being a passive listener. This world can be a dark place, but be the light.

Life will only get better, I promise.

Happy Thanksgiving week, folks!

Sunday Scripts

If God’s hand is open to all, our hands can be closed to none.

Offer to be someone’s hands and feet today. Walk alongside those who are weary. Be prayerful in all things. Allow the spirit to lead and be obedient in leaning into the promises of our Lord always. Show empathy for others.

Be someone who uses your lips for truth, voice for kindness, ears for compassion, hands for charity and heart for love.

He is fighting for you today.


One year ago (plus a few days), I got married to my best friend.

It has been one year as loving you as my husband. I love this life we have created together far and I can’t wait to see where the next year takes us. Here’s to a lifetime of loving you and choosing you always.

I will always cherish every little aspect of our wedding day one year ago. From vowing our love and commitment before God, friends and family to that AMAZING soul train line at our reception, it will always be one of my most cherished days and one I find myself thinking about often.

I can’t imagine doing this thing called life without you. Some days, it feels like it’s been decades, and other times, it feels like our wedding day was just yesterday. Chandler, thank you for living, laughing and growing with me this year. Being your wife has been one the greatest joys of my life.

In our bathroom, we have a sign that I use as a daily reminder in how to love my husband. It comes from the (very popular & very convicting) 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. It reminds me that love is patient, even when we can be short-tempered. Love is kind and looks to uplift others when we are weak. It does not envy, it does not boast and is not proud. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes and always perseveres. What a great reminder that although we will will struggle with certain things, our God and our spouse will be always be on our side.

Marriage has taught me that love is a daily sacrifice. Love is a daily decision, not just a feeling. it is sacrificial, unrelenting and transformational.

Life isn’t always easy and the waves can come crashing from time to time, but together, we will always find a way to find the calm, stillness & sunshine. 

Love inspires you to be patient and permission to be human. It teaches you to meet in the middle. Love focuses on the positive and chooses to believe in the best. It forgives, appreciates and celebrates. 

Chan is the perfect balance of spontaneity to my constant preparation and having things always in order. He has taught me that the most fun moments in life are not always (and most likely not) planned. 

His warmth, kindness and composure impress me the most. He makes me feel heard, even when I am babbling on about things he’s heard me talk about 1,000x before or being completely irrational. His

One year ago, I promised to love this man under all circumstances: happy or sad, easy or difficult. I still mean every word. you’re my favorite, forever and always.

Over the last year, we have…
☆ attented two friends’ weddings
☆ visited Miami, Key West, the Bahamas, HHI and Louisville
☆ been to countless concerts
☆ moved to Asheville, NC
☆ bought a new car
☆ lived through a pandemic
☆ adopted our kitten, Belmont

August 3, 2019 will be one of my favorite days in the history of forever!
Happy paper anniversary, my love. ♡