Wedding days are full of bliss, giddiness, laughter, many tears and a lots of nerves wrapped up all into a few hours. Emotions are all over the place, as is to be expected. More than the endless hours of picking out colors schemes and bridesmaid dresses, the hundreds of hours DIYing our centerpieces and constantly chatting back and forth with vendors, our wedding day was more than everything than I ever dreamed of. My husband and I got married in August 2019 and it was truly one of the best days of my life.


This might sound like an obvious piece of advice, but having one designated person to be in charge of delegating and “running the show” behind the scenes is so important. Luckily for Chandler and I, our best man’s wife and one of our best friends was the real MVP. Brittany quickly took the reigns and did a phenomenal job in guiding the day just as we had envisioned. She helped to get people in places and have our “ducks in a row” at all times.


For any of those who know me personally, you can testify to how much I love to have things in order at all times and compartmentalized by shape, color, etc. hehe I found a customizable timeline on Etsy that was an easy way to plug in the times of getting ready, pictures and the when to be at the venue, as well as contact information of our parents, vendors and our MOH/Best Man. I passed them in folders out to everyone in the wedding party and they raved about how much it helped them. It was a good way to help keep everyone in the loop for the day and to know what was next.


With most weddings, budgets dictate most of what makes the cut for the big day. For me, personally, I knew that photography and flowers were two of the most important pieces of our wedding day. Pictures were important in the fact that it was the one way to capture those memories to have forever. It was a concrete way of having something to look back on. In terms of our flowers, I have always “fangirled” over fresh floral arrangements. I knew that they wouldn’t last forever unless we had them dried, but it would also make for beautiful pictures. The bridesmaids and our families were also able to divvy up the flowers to take home, which they loved. We incorporated some faux flowers and succulents around the cupcake stand and in less visible places, but none of the guests could tell the difference. If a full spread of fresh flowers is too expensive, don’t stress. Although it’s okay to splurge on some aspects of your big day, there is no need to go in to debt for one day.


As most brides are a big ball of nerves before their wedding, eating was the last thing on my mind. With that being said, my sweet mom had Chick-fil-A catered in and also had a sweet mimosa bar for light refreshments while getting ready the morning of. How fitting is it that my husband and I actually met at Chick-fil-A? (#chickfilationships) On the flip side, make sure to take time during the reception to eat when your guests eat. As tempting as it is to mingle and catch up with your hundreds of guests, do yourself a favor and sit down to eat. The guests can wait. Experience the chaos that is and enjoy the first meal of your marriage together, uninterrupted. Once we were introduced back into the reception as “husband and wife” and after the first dances were finished, it was actually our DJ who was one that made sure we didn’t stray too far away before getting our food.

As cliche as it sounds, everyone is right when they say that your wedding day goes by sooo quickly. Chandler and I talk all the time about how the time escaped us both in the blink of an eye. The year of planning and stressing over every little detail, payed off and our day was exceeded everything we dreamed of but we were driving off in our “get-away” car before we knew it. Enjoy your day and cherish every moment. Take a moment to really stand back and take it in. Every person in that room is there to celebrate with you and your spouse and it makes it all the difference. I truly will cherish every memory of that day.

If you are reading this and are a part of the wedding planning industry in any way, I commend you big time. You bend over backwards to grant the bride and groom’s every wish and do such a great job to keep us comfortable during the planning process and on wedding day. You rock!

What pieces of advice would you give newly engaged couples? What would you prioritize first in the planning process?


KRP. Kelsey Ryan Phillips. Ball of Energy. Sunshine personified.

I originally met Kelsey our freshman year during sorority recruitment, although that encounter is a bit fuzzy for me. Just ask Kelsey. 😂

After we both rushed Gamma Phi, our paths crossed many times during the fall semester and into the spring. Praise the Lord for His timing!

From then on, we ate almost every meal together at the sorority house. We took pictures together before every function and asked guys to be our dates in the most crazy ways possible. We went to Shag night every Thursday and ate our weight in Cookout trays. We traveled to Carolina away games and made the twelve hour road-trip to see Casey in Baton Rouge. On off weekends, we crashed Mama P’s house in Sea Pines and enjoyed the beautiful SC coast.

Often times, I would get asked where my “other half” was if Kelsey wasn’t somewhere nearby.

Our friendship quickly blossomed into one of my most valued treasures in life. Over the last nine years, Kelsey has been by my side through my highest moments and my darkest valleys. Like momma Phillips’ famous mantra, we have shared so many of life’s highs and lows together.

Kelsey was the Maid of Honor in my wedding. Kelsey is the blond to my brunette.

She pushes me to be spontaneous.
She shows me that all people are worthy of love. She inspires me to a better version of myself, even when it’s hard.
She has always been a listening ear and a steady shoulder to cry on. She is a firm believer in the Lord and is a testament of His grace in all things.

Thank you, Kelsey, for all you that you are. Your free spirit and unwavering positivity radiates joy and light into every room you step foot in. You have been such a gift to me since day one.

I can’t wait to

P.S. If you are also looking for any kind of art for a birthday, holiday or “just because,” check out Kelsey’s Instagram. She is one of the most insanely talented artists I’ve ever met. She can do acrylic, watercolor, handmade cards, photography and so, so much more. Check her out!