With COVID’s end nowhere in sight, we all know what toll guaranteeing has done on people’s mental health, physical well-being and general livelihood.


The word ‘epistle’ comes from the Greek word epistole, meaning letter or message. Epistles were primarily written communications during the time of the New Testament. For example, Paul, Peter, and John wrote epistles or letters to churches or individuals (Timothy, Titus, Philemon).

Jesus has given His people His love letter, which is His revealed Word. The apostles sent letters to churches to instruct the people there.

With the premise of loving the Lord and loving handwritten letters, the idea of The Epistle Project came about.

For those of who know me, I LOVE receiving mail from family or friends that’s something other than bills. Letters are a great way to allow the elderly to feel included and loved on during this pandemic.


COVID-19 UPDATE (accurate to-date): I am still accepting letters amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Now is a better time than ever, I feel like, to support those are often times forgotten.

The CDC, World Health Organization, and Surgeon General have indicated that there is currently no evidence that COVID-19 is being spread through the mail. hehe

Thank you for supporting our elders during this critical effort to fight loneliness. Physical isolation is important for public health right now, but our elders deserve to feel supported, too.

I’d love it if you’d write a handwritten letter today to support what I am hoping to do – bring joy who need it the most.



In anticipation of Letter to An Elder Day on February 26th, I are collecting cards and mailing these to elders in a local Asheville senior community.

Take a few minutes, sit down and write a letter to an elder (a stranger). Tell them about yourself, tell a joke or a riddle and include a picture if that’s something you feel comfortable with. The biggest thing is to let them know how loved they are.

If might feel difficult at first to be writing to someone you don’t know. My advice: pretend like it’s a normal conversation. What kinds of things would you want to talk about with a stranger?


  • Letters must be legible (large print) and handwritten. Don’t fret if you are not artistic – make your card as what you’d like to receive.
  • Exclude the date (date/month/year).
  • Embrace creativity! Recipients love it when the letters are personal. We encourage you make your letters colorful an fun – photos, crosswords and drawings are great!
  • Be kind and thoughtful. This is a one-way letter exchange, so you will not receive a letter back. Receiving nothing in return is part of the beauty of your act of kindness, and recipients aren’t burdened by feeling obligated or unable to respond.
  • Envelope your letters if you can! It’s so much nicer to receive an enveloped card. If you’re sending more than one letter, leave your enveloping letters unsealed and unstamped to send them in a larger envelope or box.
  • Share your act of kindness! Tag us @theepistleproject, #theepistleproject and #lettertoanelderday.
  • Send as may cards as you’d like! We accept letters year-round, so there’s no deadline for when you must send them by. If you’re cards are holiday-themed or seasonal, send them a month before that holiday or the end of that season. (If your letters are late, we’ll definitely say them for next year)
  • Ready to mail? Yay! Send to:

    The Epistle Project

    8 Timber Court
    Apt. D

    Asheville, NC 28803

If you have any questions at all, PLEASE feel free to message me. I would love nothing more to include your cards with mine and to enandate them with hundreds of letters to read. Help me to jumpstart this “idea” of mine and join me in this journey to see where it goes and how it grows.


If you aren’t ready to write a card just yet, help me in getting the word out. Share this blog or the Epistle Project’s Instagram below.



Hiya! Welcome to the second, and final, part of my “30 Things to Accomplish by 30” Series! Check out my previous blog for the first half of this series. I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think!


This doesn’t seem like a big feat, but I am setting this goal for myself to be more intentional of reading at least one book a month. It can be a longer fictional read or a shorter devotional, but I want to push myself to read many things and to read things outside of the norm.


Chandler and I have traveled bookoodles together as a couple, but not yet internationally. Before we have kids and add more responsibility to the mix, it is my goal to travel abroad with Chandler. We have both traveled outside of the US independent of each other and have been on a cruise to the Bahamas, but not yet on an extended trip. We just recently made this a “joint” goal and know it won’t be a small feat by any means, but I know it would be a great experience to see the world together.

SIDE NOTE: We were scheduled to visit Cuba for our honeymoon last year, but the country was shut down just two months before we left…


Y’all. I can tell you that will be a hard. Other than the usual gas stop, grocery run and other basic necessities, I overspend in ways that I shouldn’t. Coffee before work and eating out can add up veryyy quickly. Because of that, I want to be more cognisant in how and what I spend my money on. Investing or saving for our house and/or retirement is such an important thing that I feel people my age struggle with a lot.


If I’m being honest, I am completely lost when it comes to investing and stocks as a whole, but that’s okay! Going into a new year, I want to make moves that might scare me, but are financially “responsible” and could set me out on a good foot.


I’ve always enjoyed school and learning in any kind of capacity. My masters would more than likely be an MBA, but I would love to start somewhere. I plan to look into options at the local community college just to see if this is something I would be interested in pursuing full-time.

#21: EMBRACE CHANGE (7/21)

ALERT: This will be a continuous goal for me. I have never been who has enjoyed change and have loved to know what was coming next, but the greatest joys have been from the unexpected. When my husband told me about the potential of moving us to Asheville, this girl panicked hardcore. I brushed it off and tried to keep myself from thinking about it too much. Once we had officially moved here and had settled into our routine, I have never loved a change in my life more.

*Again – this is something that I will never perfect, but I am getting better at. We moved for the SECOND time in two years this July, which was a stresser for the books.


I understand that this is a very vague goal, but I am hoping to find a “field” in which I enjoy. Finding something that fits my //. My time in food service is quickly coming to an end and I have loved the disciple and people skills it has taught me, but seven years is enough for this girl.


I’ve always loved crafts and considered myself somewhat of a creative person, but making pottery is a whole other realm of skill. I remember taking a basic pottery class as a Girl Scout growing up and loved every minute of it. I’m assuming the pandemic will make it harder to schedule times as class sizes will be smaller, but I look forward to trying something new in the future and being able to have something to show for my hard work.


Snail mail is always such a treat for me! Sending and receiving mail, other than bills if we’re being honest, is such a lost “art.” With that being said, I want to be more intentional with writing out cards for special occasions or “just because.”

After all, my husband does work a card shop…

*I want this to be a more continuous thing, but I did send out Christmas cards to friends and family this year!


To me, paying it forward can be a small, but mighty way to make someone’s day so much better. A week before Christmas, we had 27 CARS in a row pay it forward. How amazing? It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, but is just something that lets people know you care. Buying somebody’s coffee at Starbucks or food at Chick-fil-A is a small gesture that speaks volumes.

Goal: Pay it forward 1x a month


Let’s be honest – there is so much to be thankful for and we often overlook even the smallest of blessings. Whether it be once a day or every couple of days, I want to take more time every day in being cognizant of what the Lord has blessed me with. It can be a small everyday thing or something completely new and big, but keeping gratitude on the forefront of mind is the ultimate end goal here.


Podcasts are no new concept, but I haven’t ever jumped on the “bandwagon.” My dad has always been one to listen to audiobooks on tape, but it was never my cup of tea. As I’ve gotten older and had more solo trips across town and out of state, I feel like it would be great way to listen to things to sermons, podcasts or books, likewise.


For those of you who don’t know, Procreate is an iPad/iPhone app that gives you the space to create word and graphics from scratch. Below are ones that I’ve had made as gifts and they are #goals. 😍

This would be such a new concept for me, but something I feel like I’d enjoy. Graphic Design is such a neat trade in that it gives you the space and creativity to create whatever you are dreaming up. Some of the full-time graphic designers I know are some of the most insanely talented people I’ve ever met.

Visit Madison at her Facebook page if you’re wanting art done!


I’ve never been a health conscious person, if i’m being completely honest. I am willing to try anything once, so “healthier” foods aren’t necessarily the issue. With that being said, I am making it my goal to establish a better pattern of finding time to establish a workout routine and to cook meals that are simple and easy.


This goal applies to all aspects of life. I aim to do a better job at actively hearing than passively listening. I want to spend more time in the Lord’s word and applying what He has to say. I want to lend a helping hand to those more in need. The intent of being intentional will be one of my 2021 goals.

Thanks for sticking around for all thirty of my “goals” before 30! I hope this year is your best yet and you accomplish everything you set out to do.