Atlanta, GA is the economic and cultural center of the south of the United States. A city full of traditional charm spiced up with a modern flair. Atlanta is filled with attractions and activities, including the Georgia Aquarium (the world’s largest), the Atlanta Olympic Park and the beautiful Atlanta Botanical Garden. Atlanta is also rich in history, with the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site and the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of “Gone with the Wind” – Margaret Mitchell – commemorated with a museum of where she used to live.



The Varsity is an iconic restaurant in the modern culture of Atlanta, Georgia.

The main items on the Varsity menu include standard fast food fare: hot dogs, burgers and fries. But there are variations setting The Varsity apart from other fast food restaurants. Hot dogs are often topped with both chili and mustard. Another option is to top hot dogs with store-made cole slaw and nothing else. Three types of grilled cheese sandwiches are served as well as a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich. Side items include the expected french fries and fried onion rings. But there are 16 types of ice cream and a frosted orange shake. In addition to a fried apple pie, The Varsity also serves a fried peach pie, which might be expected in “The Peach State.”


Y’all… I found East Pole Coffee by chance and I am SO glad I did. Chandler and I went Saturday morning and enjoyed a “slow” start to morning. We enjoyed our drip coffee and iced coffee while sitting on the porch //.


Jeni’s is not your ordinary ice cream shop! Their ice creams have a uniquely smooth texture and buttercream body, with bright flavor and clean finish (as they don’t use synthetic flavorings, dyes, or off-the-shelf mixes). As I’m writing this, I am dreaming of the Brown Butter Almond Brittle + Skillet Cinnamon Rolls and drooling…

They also ship nationwide, so you have NO excuse to try it for yourself!



Living by the motto “Don’t float the mainstream,” SweetWater Brewery has been blazing its own path in craft beer throughout the Southeast since its inception in 1997. With a brewer calling the shots, quality of beer—and life—are always most important in crafting a lineup of lip-smackin’ brews. Widely known for its flagship 420 Extra Pale Ale and recent Great American Beer Fest gold medal winner LowRYEder IPA, SweetWater also serves up an ever-evolving Catch & Release seasonal lineup of brews and an off-beat, one-off Dank Tank series. SweetWater invites folks to join them for tours and tastings of their Atlanta brewery every Wednesday through Sunday, so be mindful of that if you are planning to visit!


Arches Brewing is a craft brewery located just north of the Atlanta airport, in the arts district of Hapeville, GA. Through many hours of brewing and tasting, they have a strong emphasis on classic & seasonal lagers, but also make many American styles along with several strong Belgians. We believe doing things the old way makes for a cleaner, more complex and balanced, delicious end result.  

They have plenty of outdoor (and covid friendly) seating with lots of umbrellas and aderondak chairs to choose from. Enjoy the sunshine all while enjoying your beer.

old fourth DISTILLERY

Old Fourth Distillery was launched by five friends (two of whom are also brothers) in 2013 with the aid of a Kickstarter campaign. Atlanta’s first legal distillery since 1906, Old Fourth Distillery started distilling in November 2014. Initially releasing vodka and gin, bourbon and whiskey were always part of the plan. But the friends decided to give it time. In February 2019 they decided to go big with a Bottled in Bond bourbon comprised of 75 barrels originally laid down in January 2015. An additional 120 barrels were expected to be released in 2020.



Catch an Atlanta Braves game at the Truist Park, home of this three-time World Championship Major League Baseball (MLB) team. Grab a pretzel, a beer and a hot dog to enjoy the game with friends, family and thousands of your closest friends! Chop on, Los Bravos!

Be aware that they are still operating on a very limited capacity (as understood…) throughout the 2021 season. They are taking every precautionary measure to keep fans and patrons safe. For all of you ladies, make sure to also bring a CLEAR bag no bigger than 5×9. The bag “checkers” and security can be pretty finicky about about what is allowed in, so rather be safe than sorry!

Useful Information

(CHICK-FIL-A) College football hall of fame

The College Football Hall of Fame is an interactive hall of fame attraction devoted to all things college football. The National Football Foundation founded the HOF in 1951 to immortalize the players and coaches of college football that were voted first team All-American by the media. There is also 95,000 square feet of inspiration and awesome interactive fun!

Chandler took me last time we visited ATL a few years back and I loved every second of it. Each person in your group can follow the interactive experience in accordance with their own football team.

Useful Information

  • Address: 50 Marietta St NW, Atlanta, GA 30313
  • Hours: Thursday – Sunday, 10a – 5p ET
  • Buy Tickets Here


Discover the history of this iconic beverage at this museum which displays Coca-Cola artifacts from more than 100 years ago. And as your visit here will probably make you quite thirsty, take advantage of the unique opportunity to try the more than 100 drinks made the Coke company.

My husband would go to the World of Coke every time we visited ATL if I would let him. He loves (and I mean loves) this place! I’ve been once or twice myself and it is really fun, even though I don’t drink soda. They also do have drinks (not all carbonated) from around the world, which is pretty neat!

Useful Information

  • Address: 121 Baker Street NW – Atlanta, GA
  • Opening Hours: Sun – Thu 10h – 17h, Fri – Sat 9h – 17h
  • Facebook: Visit profile »


LEGOLAND Discovery Center Atlanta is made up of a series of interactive features to immerse kids into a world where their imaginations can run wild. Featuring a bunch of exciting attractions, from the Kingdom Quest ride to an amazing re-creation of the local area’s most iconic buildings, the center not only provides fun for the LEGO fans, but also fantastic educational benefits. Legoland is also a great place if your kids (or husbands) are into Legos.

Useful Information

  • Address: 3500 Peachtree Road NE G-1 – Atlanta, GA
  • Opening hours: Sun – Fri 10h – 19h, Sat 9h – 21h
  • Facebook: Visit profile »


Ponce City Market is a mixed-use development located in a former Sears catalogue facility, with national and local retail anchors, restaurants, a food hall, boutiques and offices, and residential units. The 2.1-million-square-foot building, one of the largest by volume in the Southeast United States, was used by Sears, Roebuck and Co. from 1926–1987 and later by the City of Atlanta as “City Hall East”.

Visiting the Ponce City Market for the first time was SO much fun! It was a well worth it and I would highly suggest carving out time if you’ve never gone before! There are local restaurants and shops scattered throughout the redone Sears building and I could’ve spent hours there!

Useful Information

  • Address:
  • Opening Hours: Hours of operation vary, please check their website for more information
  • Facebook: Visit profile »

georgia aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium is home to hundreds of species and thousands of animals across its seven major galleries, all of which reside in more than 10 million US gallons of fresh and saltwater. It was the largest aquarium in the world from its opening in 2005 until 2012 when it became the third-largest aquarium in the world after the Marine Life Park in Singapore and the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom in China; the Georgia Aquarium remains the largest aquarium in the United States and in the Western Hemisphere.

Useful Information

  • Address: 225 Baker St NW, Atlanta, GA 30313
  • Open Hours:
  • Buy Tickets Here »

What are some of your favorite spots to visit while in Atlanta? For those of you who are from Atlanta or live there now, I would love to learn about some of your favorite local spots! Let’s chat in the comments below!



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