While our holiday parties look a little different this year, that doesn’t mean you should show up empty-handed. For those of you attending a socially distanced gathering or dreadfully attending a festive Zoom session, I have carefully picked out a handful of gifts that are better than booze (almost). Click through for thoughtful kitchen wares, chic home goods and other options that are bound to make your hostess smile.

After the Pinterest guide, you will find the links to each of the products. Most gift ideas are around $24-$35 and under, because I really wanted to keep everything reasonably priced and perfect for any budget.

When I was on the hunt to find these amazing gift options, I went with brands and products that I know and love. If it’s something that I personally don’t have, I was sure to do my research to make that I’m only recommending the best of the best!

1 // Stemless Wine Glasses 2 // Bottle Opener 3 // Kitchen Towel 4 // Cocktail Barware Set 5 // Candle 6 // Marble Serving Tray 7 // Faux Fur Blanket 8 // Wine & Reusable Wine bag 9 // Marble & Wood Coasters 10 // Floral Vase 11 // Teapot with Infuser 12 // Moleskin Journal 13 // Velvet Jewelry Box 14 // Succulent Plant Pots

Keep in mind that your hostess gift doesn’t have to be anything that breaks the bank. Have fun picking out a gift and be thoughtful. Remember that it can be something big or little and as long as it comes from heart, you are set!

What are some of your favorite items in this guide?! Do you have any others you’d recommend? Let’s chat in the comments! If you end up purchasing something, I’d love to know!

Stay classy and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do…



One thought on “GIFTS FOR THE HOSTESS”

  1. Definitely wine! It’s the easiest to pick especially if you know what kind the hostess enjoys. That wine bottle bag is really cute though – definitely something to consider as a gifting idea for next time.

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