Who doesn’t love a good coffee (or two) in the morning to help get you energized? I know I do! With that being said, sweeteners and added syrups, etc. can quickly add up. Are you wanting to enjoy the same drinks, but don’t want all of the added calories? I’ve got you covered!

While we’ve canceled a lot of summer trips and plans because of the new coronavirus pandemic, there’s one summer staple we’re already enjoying: Starbucks’ summer menu. Most Starbucks locations are now open after closing for safety reasons, and we were first in the drive-thru line to get our iced drinks (following proper social distancing guidelines, of course).

Although there are plenty of indulgent concoctions available, especially on the secret menu, there are actually quite a few beverages that are lower in calories to help you enjoy a guilt-free treat.

There are several java drinks on this list, but for those who prefer other caffeinated beverages, there are a variety of low-calorie teas available, too. (And no, not just your basic English breakfast. Some of them are infused with delicious flavorings such as blackberry and lemonade). No matter your preference, these tasty beverages will give you a boost without weighing you down.

1. French Vanilla Cold Foam Brew – 60 Calories

Ask for:

Grande Cold Foam Cold Brew
1 pump Hazelnut Syrup
Three pumps Sugar-Free Vanilla
Light Cream
Sugar-free Vanilla Cold Foam

2. Chai Tea Latte – 60 Calories

Ask for:

Grande Organic Chai Tea
Two packets of stevia
Steamed Almond Milk
Top with Extra Cinnamon Powder

3. Caramel Iced Coffee – 60 Calories

Ask for:

Grande Unsweetened Iced Coffee
One pump of Carmel syrup
Three pumps Sugar Free Vanilla 
Light Cream

4. Low Carb Pink Drink- 35 Calories

Ask for:

Venti Passion Tango Iced Tea Unsweetened
Strawberry Infusion
Light Coconut Milk
1 Scoop of Strawberries
2 Stevia or Splenda

5. Blonde Vanilla Cappuccino – 100 Calories

Ask for:

Grande Blonde Cappuccino
Substitute Almond Milk
Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup
One Stevia
Light Carmel Drizzle

6. Doubleshot on Ice – 40 Calories

Ask for:

Grande Blonde Double Shot on Ice
No Classic Syrup
Three to four pumps Sugar-Free Vanilla
Almond Milk

7. Berry Hibiscus Refresher – 40 Calories

Ask for:

Venti Iced White Tea Unsweetened
Splash of Berry Hibiscus Refresher
Splash of Lemonade
Scoop of Berries
One Stevia (other zero cal sweetener)

8. Black and White Mocha – 110 Calories

Ask for:

Grande Americano with two shots
One pump White Mocha Sauce
One pump Skinny Mocha (or half pump normal mocha)
Two pumps Sugar Free Vanilla Syrup
Light Half and Half (cream)

9. Salted Caramel Mocha – 100 Calories

Ask for:

Grande Cafe Misto
Add 1 pump Toffee Nut
Add 1 pump Mocha
Substitute with Almond Milk
Add 1-2 0 cal sweeteners

10. Caramel Brûlée Iced Latte (Cold Brew) – 80 Calories

Ask for:

Grande Cold Brew
One pump Caramel Brûlée Sauce
Three pumps Sugar Free Vanilla
Splash of Cream

If you guys have any favorite healthier Starbucks drink orders of your own, leave a comment! I would love nothing more than to hear what your go-to drinks are.




  1. I’m glad to know there are healthier choices to choose from at Starbucks.:)
    I tend to drink their caramel machiata hot coffee. It’s good, but I’m sure it’s chocked full of calories!

    Liked by 1 person

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