Are you wanting to steal the show at your next family gathering? Impress everyone with a show-stopping holiday charcuterie board!

In order to build the ideal charcuterie board, I will walk you step by step through the basics of the must-haves to get started.

Let me also preface with saying that Charcuterie boards have been a favorite appetizer of mine for some time now. Although these spreads often look daunting and overly priced, they are actually quite simple and can be quite cost effective. They often involve different types of meat, cheese and nuts/olives, but you there are hundreds of varieties to choose from. Use in season fruits and veggies to make it easy on yourself and add a few special touches for holidays. For example, a Christmas charcuterie board could have sprigs of thyme and cranberries scattered about. A Valentine’s Day charcuterie board could have a small bowl of conversation hearts, red cinnamon gummy bears, and LOTS of chocolate.

My mom put together a “s’mores” board as a dessert to enjoy by the fire for my birthday in August and was a huge hit.

Ingredients placed in the shape of a Christmas tree


Picking out the size of your board is the first big step in creating your ideal spread. Take time to do your research, but buy a board that feels like it will be big enough to hold an adequate amount of food. The Target dollar section has had small cutting boards for sale in the dollar section in the past, but check out Etsy for more personalized options. There are circular ones, square ones with handles or ones that have hidden compartments to store “refills.” It’s amazing to see what’s all possible!


I’m stating the obvious, but the kind of charcuterie board you’re planning to do dictates the type of ingredients you’ll need to pick up. Like I previously mentioned, a typical board has hard and soft cheeses, deli meats, nuts and olives but long gone are the days where Charcuterie is “restricted” to just that. They have long evolved since those early days of “just” meats and cheeses.


I have found small ramekins to be extremely useful when holding dips, spreads or candies on your charcuterie board. You can find these at your local dollar store or somewhere like Target and/or Walmart. If you’re a traditionalist like me, I go for the white but use a pop of color if that fits your fancy. My recommendation is buying four or five matching ones at a time to have readily available. If you have honey or different kids of dips or spreads, make sure to have the appropriate utensils ready. Cutting knives for cheese and a honey comb to drizzle over fruit is kinda important.

Have fun and be creative with your charcuterie board. There are no rights or wrongs in this process. Let your creative side shine and build to impress. Think outside of the typical board because the possibilities are truly endless!

What are some of your favorite charcuterie boards? What are ones you’ve been wanting to test out?

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