Dishes fill the sink to the point of spilling over. Laundry creates a mountain sized mound on your bed waiting be folded. The shelves need to be dusted and the floors haven’t been swept in some time. Cat toys are strewn across the floor.

As my mom says, cleanliness is next to Godliness. Anybody else hear that growing up? 😂

As I catch my mind wandering to the thousands of chores that need to be attended to, I am learning to embrace the messy. “Housekeeping” will always be a revolving door of being in the middle of // different things. Nonetheless, I can be appreciative. Is that weird to say? I have free access to a washer and dryer. I have free access to a vacuum. I have access to a dishwasher, which I didn’t have just last year. Some of these basic necessities are truly an answer to prayer and things I have been wanting for it seems like for forever.

A messy apartment shows me that there is life, and an abundant one at that.

I can be the first to agree that some (okay, most) days, my to-do list seems way too overwhelming to even start. The to-do list seems Mt. Everest long and continues to grow by the minute. If you are feeling like this is you, I get it. You are not alone. Take one task at a time. Be patient with yourself.

For myself, I find myself navigating to writing up a list to follow. For me, I compartmentalize by rooms. One day, I will work on the bedroom and get things organized and put up. I make the bed. I ho through my closet to see if there are things I want to thrift or give away. Find a method that works for you, though!

Balancing a full-time job, a spouse, a pet, and a social life isn’t easy by any means. It is in those moments, however, that I am the most grateful. I am grateful to have all of those things in my life.

I’m sure my list will grow that much more when we have kids, but I will learn to adapt. We tend to put unrealistic expectations on ourselves, which is good in some regard, but can also make us go crazy. Keep your head up and do the best you can. Ask for help. That’s all you can do.

Today, embrace the messy. Life is more than a perfectly clean house.

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